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School has started again, and I am looking forward to a great year! 

We will be doing hearing & vision screenings on September 9th and 10th with the elementary students.  We will also be checking heights and weights on this date.  By making sure your child has no problems with vision or hearing, it makes learning easier and fun! 


I wanted to share an article I found in Parent magazine

"10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Kids"

1. "Great Job" I found this odd. The author stated when we praise I our children every time they do well they do not have self affirmation but depend on you to feel good about themselves or their effort.  Praise them but be specific "That was a nice pass during the basketball game".

2. "Practice makes Perfect" We have all heard that!  You can make your child feel alot of pressure if they keep practicing but not improving.  Encourage your child to work hard because he or she will improve and feel better about their progress.

3. "You're Ok"  When your child has a bump or scrape and is crying and you say "you're okay".  They are not, or they wouldn't be crying!  Do not discount how they feel acknowledge how the feel and give them a hug or a bandaid.  An example is "That didn't feel good when you fell and scraped your knee."  How about a hug and a bandaid.

4. "Hurry UP" This just adds more pressure to the situation.  Try being on the same team by saying " Let's hurry and see who can get their coat on first",  in a soft voice not yelling.  You become on the same team. Defusing the stress.

5. "We can't afford that" This can be scary for kids.  They feel like you have no money.  It is best to say" no we are saving our money for important things right now". 

6. "I'm on a diet"  This may cause your child to have an unhealthy body image.  It is better to say" I am eating healthy because I feel better when I do".

7. "Do not talk to strangers"  To your child the doctor might be a stranger or their teacher they just met.  Also, child abductions in the vast majority of cases is someone they know.  Tell them "if anyone makes you feel sad, scared,or confused tell me right away!"

8. "Be careful" By saying this you take the child's focus off what they are doing and may cause them to fall.  If you are worried stand close and be a spotter, but a quiet spotter.

9. "no dessert unless you finish dinner" This increases the value of the dessert and not the nutritional value and enjoyment of the meal.

10. "let me Help"  It is natural to want to help but that undermines your child's independence.  He or she will look for help from others instead of trying to do things on their own.  Instead ask guiding question : "What do you think?"  or "How would you solve this"? 

We all want to help our children and knowing the best way to help them find their independence is never and easy road.

Nurse Melanie



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Let's give a BIG BEARCAT WELCOME to our new staff members!

Front Row - Left to Right:  Mrs. Michele Fox, Mrs. Heather Laughman, Mrs. Candace Lanham,

Miss Mallory Bradshaw, Mrs. Amanda Mathes

Back Row - Left to Right:  Mr. Adam Parks, Mr. Ben Moody, Mr. Charles Czerwonka, Mr. Hank Mathes

Not Pictured:  Karen Bolhafner

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

We are looking forward to another great year!

Please complete the enrollment packets and return those to the offices NO later than Friday, August 22, 2014.


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